Booklet: If There Is No God Are We Free To Murder And Rape

Dear Believer

This question is ridiculously naive and presupposes you are an only animal if not magically protected in some way. As if without god you had no ability of self control. Poppycock!
I’m an atheist and I’ve raped and murdered exactly as many times as I’ve wanted to – ZERO.
It’s not the fear of God and eternal
punishment that stops me from doing these things, and if that’s the only thing stopping you from doing them, then question yourself if you are moral at all.
We live in a society, we are responsible to each other and we make rules and regulations that reflect this (we call them laws).

The other point is – believing there is a god doesn’t stop people from raping and murdering. Believers commit rape and murder at the same rate as non-believers.
It’s not as though crime is the exclusive domain of non-believers.
Belief in a god does not make us moral and does not keep us moral.
As for good deeds being unrewarded. Simply not true. Acts of heroism, volunteers, people who sacrifice
themselves for others. Things like this are acknowledge and rewarded regularly.
But again, it’s from us to us. There’s no need for a god to be involved.

Volume 2 – Book 2

shout-at-the-devil-are-we-free-to-murder-and-rape – <— PDF Download


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